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Lia Lin has always wanted to be a model. The glamour, the fame, and the fancy clothes, all appealed to her. But most of all, the attention. She has always craved attention, especially from men and no one gets the kind of attention that models do. When she happened upon an ad in the local paper for modelling jobs, Lia called right away. The man asked to see some pictures so she sent a few selfies and was invited to a private VR taboo casting. When she arrived at the casting, she was impressed by his big office. He stares silently at her for a while before asking her to stand up so he can take a few pictures. Even as he shoots her, there is a dark lust in his eyes that Lia finds intimidating and powerful. Telling her to show off more of her body, the photographer continues to leer at her body and becomes sterner as he orders her out of her clothes. She can tell she is turning him on and is ready to do anything he asks when she gets a look at his stiff cock. It is bigger and more intimidating than any she has ever seen and she immediately wants it in all of her young holes. He puts it in her mouth first and she eagerly shows him just how ready and willing she is to do anything he wants to be a VR porn model. Taking full advantage of the situation, he bends her over and slides his spit-slicked cock right into her wet pussy. It is a tight fit, but he loves every stroke and so does she. He wants to cum all over her face and take pictures. Lia wants the modelling gig so much that she happily takes his load and smiles for his camera.
Penelope Woods: Fresh & Clean
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