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I Promise I’ll Be A Good Girl


Away from home for the first time, Ohana Petite has spent way too much time partying, watching VR porn, and getting popular with the boys and not enough time studying. Her grades have already fallen to the point where one more failing grade will mean that she is kicked out and sent home. When she gets the bad news about an F on her final math exam, she rushes right to the Dean’s office. She may not have done a lot of studying in college, but she has learned a few things about how to get men to do what she wants them to. As she hands him her paper, she can see his eyes all over her body and knows she has worn just the right outfit. Hoping to tease her way into a better grade, Ohana gets a shock then the Dean puts things in very plain terms. He is happy to kick her out of school but will reconsider only if she does everything he says. Used to getting what she wants with just a flash of skin to the right college boy, she finds herself trembling with desire as he pulls out his cock and tells her exactly what is expected of her. His big cock slips past her lips and is soon at the back of her throat. She finds herself wet with anticipation as he bends her over and rips off her panties. He fucks her from behind, pulling her back to meet his thrusts while he explains that she can stay in school only if she passes all of her classes and visits him once a week for private VR fuck sessions. She has no choice but to agree to his terms. He has one final demand, that she take his load in her mouth. Ohana never does that, but gets a mouthful of his spunk, knowing she has to take it all if she wants to stay in school.
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