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Marie Berger is an aspiring young model. She has had some success in local shows but needs a proper portfolio if she hopes to continue. There are plenty of photographers on campus who would volunteer, but she wants to do this right and decides to find a professional to take the shots. Responding to an ad on social media, she chooses a local photographer after seeing some great work he has done for other models. Arriving at his studio at the appointed time, Marie is immediately struck by his stern nature. In this VR porn movie, he tells her exactly what he wants and she obeys his every command. After several shots, he suggests she change into lingerie to get a few shots to show off how sexy she is. This wasn’t part of the plan, but she does as she is told. She feels self-conscious in her skimpy outfit and embarrassed when he suggests nude photos. Feeling his eyes on her exposed body, she tries to ignore her feelings of desire and just focus on posing. He ends that when he takes out his cock to show her how hard he has made him. Hearing his voice instructs her to come suck it, she crawls to him without hesitation. He guides and instructs her with a firm hand and stern voice. She has never fucked a stranger before, but Marie’s body responds and she feels herself cumming all over his big cock. He instructs her to open her cheeks for him. Marie has never had a cock in her ass before, and it is a tight fit, but he works every inch into her tight hole while she does as she is told. Continuing to break new ground, she knees and lets him be the first man to ever cum on her pretty face. He snaps a few more pictures and tells her to come back tomorrow for another VR porn shoot.
Sailor Moon (A XXX Parody)
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