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Yes, Boss


Milena Ray loves her new job. The pay is good, her colleagues are cool and she gets a chance to really shine thanks to her boss. He is quiet and business-like, but always listens to her ideas and lets her grow. She is excited to be on an important trip with him but soon realizes that outside of the office, he is very different. He calls her to his room late on the first evening and shows her a collection of toys he bought inspired by VR movies. They range from slightly kinky to advanced fetish play. She finds them all quite fascinating and tells him that she is more than willing to experiment with him. In this VR porn episode, she tries on a collar attached to a leash which he uses to lead her around the hotel suite. Milena feels her body flush with heat at the idea of being submissive to her handsome boss. He gags her, whips her quivering ass, and makes her beg for his cock before finally taking it out of his pants and giving her a taste. He tells her what a good girl she is and spins her around to fuck her tight pussy. Milena can’t believe how good it feels. Her boss knows just how to pump his meat into her until she explodes with pleasure. Wanting to do anything she can to please him, she follows his orders and puts his big cock back in her mouth. She can feel him pulsing with desire and surrenders her mouth to the flood of cream as shoots his thick load into her mouth. Milena knows this is just the first of many times she will swallow her new master’s load.
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