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Caffeine Shot


Suzie Q is sitting on the counter of the kitchen having a coffee. Her boyfriend comes down from the stairs and gets close to her. He hugs her from behind and touch her in an erotic way. He gives her a sensual and passionate kiss, and the desire for each other raise. He takes off her big and comfy jumper to see her body: her stunning figure, her boobs… He kneels and starts giving her a pussy licking but over her panties. She wants to please him because he turned her on very much, so she takes him to the sofa and gives him a blowjob, licking her dick at the same time that she masturbates him with her hand. Then, she puts on top of him and she masturbates herself while he sticks her dick inside of her. She let him fuck her the way he wants: in missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl… At the end, he cums over her body after this amazing morning sex.
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