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Can You Keep Eye Contact?


Hoping for a promotion, you have been working late almost every night for nearly a month. It hasn’t been easy, especially since your girlfriend Kama Oxi, a young hot VR porn model, has reminded you over and over that you keep missing dinner and time with her. Things are getting rough, but you know that you are close to getting what you want at work. Still, you worry about things at home. When everyone has left, you are still hard at work and return to your office after grabbing a coffee. To your surprise, your girlfriend is waiting wearing her sexist lingerie. She knows how hard you have been working and wants you to know that she understands, but also that she misses you. You are nervous about being caught, but cannot take your eyes off of her as she struts around the room. You try to go to her, but she stops you. You don’t get sex that easily after ignoring her for weeks. Sit back and watch as she teases you, strips, and reminds you that even if you need to work hard, she deserves your attention. As her clothes come off and her hands run up and down her body, you can’t help yourself. She sees your cock and tells you that you can stroke it all you want, but no touching, not until you give her the proper amount of attention. For now, just watch this special VR porn show. Watch as she spreads her legs and slides her fingers inside her lonely pussy. Watch and stroke your cock while she shows you what you have been missing. Maybe now you will remember to make some time for her so that next time you can cum inside of her instead of on your office floor.
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