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Sumire’s Love Language


Sumire Mizukawa VR (aka Emiri Momota) is an exchange student from Japan. Her parents hired you to tutor her and teach her English a few weeks ago. She is very shy and has been slow to even try to speak during your sessions. Instead, she sits silently, listening to your lessons, occasionally nodding and smiling. During one lesson, her parents leave to do some shopping. As soon as they leave, she moves closer to you and won’t stop staring as you do your best to stick to the lessons. When you don’t respond, she gets bolder, lifting her skirt, shifting, and trying to give you a better look at her legs. When that doesn’t work, she forgets subtly and just opens her top, flashing her perky breasts. Her intentions are clear, but it is still a bad idea to get involved with a student, especially when her parents could return at any moment. Now that Sumire can see she has your full attention, she drops her panties and kicks them aside, bending over again to show you her pretty pussy. Continuing to strip until she is naked other than her shoes, the pretty college student gives you a good look. She can see your cock hard in your pants and motions for you to take it out. Even with the danger of being caught, you can’t help but stroke your dick looking at her tight body. Seeing how turned on you are is making her even hornier. Her fingers find their way between her legs and she starts rubbing on her clit. She knows how much you want her and that you will fuck her as soon as you can. That pushes her to the edge. As you climax, her fingers slide in and she joins you in this taboo VR porn episode. Without a word, she has seduced you and knows you will do anything to have her.
Daddy Needs Daughter’s Sweets
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