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How To Increase Your Followers


Lya Cutie has been building her following on social media for some time. Recently graduating to full-blown VR porn adult content, she has noticed that her stepfather seems to be extra interested in what she is doing in her room. She has had a crush on you for a while and decides to give you a shock. Lya calls you into her room and asks if you can help her shoot some good shots for a special shot for her followers. You agree but seem uncomfortable as she poses provocatively with a giant stuffed penis. She pretends not to see the bulge in your jeans while she looks away from the camera and lifts her skirt to expose her naked holes. When she turns back around, Lya is shocked and thrilled to see that you have taken your cock out of your pants and that it is big and hard for her. Now that she knows you feel the same way, she throws herself on the floor and starts sucking your cock. Asking you to keep filming, she plays with her pigtails and promises her followers that this is her new favorite cock and she can’t wait to feel it inside of her. You bend her over and thrust deep into her tight slit while she squeals with delight. If her followers knew she was fucking her stepfather they would go crazy. For now, this is a secret she wants to keep to herself. A naughty VR taboo secret that gets hotter with every hard pump from daddy’s dick. She rides you hard and fast, looking right into your eyes to see if you want to finish inside of her. You let her know by pulling out and standing over her. If it is a facial you want to give, she is happy to take one, smiling up at you and the camera while you blast her open mouth with hot cream. Lya promises her followers lots more VR porn content with her new favorite dick.
The Provocation
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