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Family Heatwave

Shalina Devine and her husband are anxious to take a vacation with their best friends. At the last minute, they had to cancel, giving the vacation voucher to their son and his girlfriend Lily Blossom. It is a little odd having new roommates on short notice, but the couple has known him for years and is happy to meet Lily. The young couple are planning to head to the pool to relax and are shocked when see Shalina and her husband naked. They were unaware that the couple were nudists. You are shocked to see your mother’s best friend naked and so fucking hot. Lily can’t keep her eyes off the older man’s impressive cock. Turned on, they listen as the couple extols the virtues of nudism. Shalina notices that your cock is getting hard. Lily sees it too and decides if it is OK for you to look then it is OK for her to get a taste of that experienced dick. Watching her doesn’t upset you. In fact, you are anxious to put your hardon into Shalina’s mouth. Soon both women are sucking and swapping and sharing big hard boners. Ready for more, they fuck their own partners and then switch off, enjoying the new adventure with the experienced couple. Shalina was looking forward to fucking her friend’s husband, but banging her son is even hotter. Lily has never cum so hard as she does on the stranger’s dick. They make sure to get close to one another as the guys begin to shoot so they can share the loads and savor every drop. Shalina and her husband were hoping to swing with their friends, but their son and his pretty young girlfriend make fantastic substitutes.
Daddy Needs Daughter’s Sweets
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