Ticket To Her Vagina


Alice’s stepbrother won a free vacation to Hawaii. Since his girlfriend broke up with him the week before, Alice was hoping he might take her instead. You were hoping to use the trip to win her back, but Alice Drake tried to convince you that it would be more to go on the trip as a single guy with your stepsister as a wingman. You are hesitant, even showing her the special Virtual Taboo bikini you bought for your ex to wear. Alice quickly offers to model it and can’t help but notice you checking her out with lust in your eyes and a big boner in your jeans. She knows exactly what she needs to do to make you ditch the ex and take her on the trip. Your big boner fits perfectly into her mouth and she works it hard and fast, knowing she is a better cocksucker than your uptight girlfriend ever could be. In this VR porn episode, you move around behind her and peel off the bikini bottoms so you can stick your cock into her horny little pussy. She wants to tell you that you can continue only if you promise to take her on the trip, but it feels too good and she doesn’t want you to stop. She wants that big dick inside of her. She keeps going, riding you as hard as she can until you finally agree to take her. On one condition. She has to keep riding you while you cum in her pussy. It is so naughty and wrong that she cums herself while screaming out in agreement. You follow her, filling her up. You are going to have a lot more filthy VR porn fun when you get to Hawaii.
Devil May Cry (A XXX Parody)
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