Classical Trio

You’re coaching three sweet ballerinas in a dance class. Kylie Rocket in a black tutu, Uma Jolie in a red tutu, and Kiara Cole in a white tutu are your students today. After some squats and stretching, the girls wonder if there is something more they need to practice before tomorrow’s show. You look at their beautiful bodies in those elegant and tight-fitting outfits and sleek hairstyles and want to give them some additional exercises, but your ballerinas feel sore and kindly ask for a break. They laugh so playfully, caressing each other so gently, and reaching out to your body so passionately that you become speechless and melt with pleasure. The girls help each other undress and begin kissing: now you’re unable to resist the temptation. After dancers take turns licking and swallowing your dick they get so horny that they tear the tights and show up naked with those seductive butts. Not letting you change your mind, they take turns putting your dick inside them… Your three beautiful trophies take you to the bedroom, where you can only watch the performance: the girls kiss each other and then sweetly lick each other’s pussies right in front of your eyes so that you can see their wet holes so close. Are you aware that this is merely the starting point, as you have to satisfy each of them? Will you manage?
You Are My Angel
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