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Curious Roommates


You decide to spy on your roommate Sera Ryder as she takes a bath. Wrapped in a towel, she inadvertently reveals her intimate body parts, and you simply can’t tear your eyes away, so you continue staring. Finally, she notices you and approaches closer. You expected she would get angry, but the opposite happened: Sera becomes aroused at the thought of you liking her. It’s true, and you’re waiting for the moment she drops her towel off. And she does. Take a deep inhale and catch the smell, absorbed by her panties as she brings them close to your face; then sniff her all! Sera loves teasing you, feeling you, and tasting you too. Look right at her eyes while she makes you harder and harder with her hands and mouth. She takes pleasure in feeling every edge of your cock along her tongue. Sera wants you inside of her: her pussy got wet and ready. Hold her hips while she bounces on you back and forth. Then move to the bedroom to feel more comfortable. Your roommate will do everything by herself because she enjoys being on you so much. Take a look at her delicate face, her graceful body, and her erect nipples right in front of you. Lick her sensitive pussy… Ultimately take her the way she wants, but under one condition: Sera must reach orgasm first, and only then it be your turn.
Sorority Rush: Beta, Kappa, Eta
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