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Nash Magazine Blake Angel

One of your roommates, Blake Blossom, arrives to pick you and your fellow roommate Angel Youngs for a fun night out. A fashion designer and stylist, Blake can’t wait to show her latest outfit line, ‘Virgin Killers,’ tailored for girls with big breasts. While Angel is away for a dress fitting, Blake admits she has always wanted this hottie to be on her modeling team. However, Angel’s lack of confidence poses an obstacle. She considers her breasts unattractive due to a false perspective she got from magazines. Blake aims to liberate shy Angel and seeks your aid. Since you’ve been crushing on Angel for quite a long, you can’t refuse and even turn on. Blake makes a proposition: help Angel embrace modeling, and she’ll assist you in connecting with her. Blake initiates a breast and nipple massage to Angel in your presence, followed by Angel practicing her newfound skills on Blake’s breasts. Angel catches on quickly, making you really hard. But this was just the beginning: now Blake teaches her inexperienced friend how to make titty fucking. As the scenario escalates, Angel seeks guidance on riding a dick. Move to the bedroom, and relax while watching them kissing, sucking your dick, and moaning while riding it alternately. Eat their wet pussies and take the girls hard to make them cum. Seems that Angel Youngs is getting the modeling contract, but it all depends on you…
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