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Honey Trap Haley


Haley Reed, your personal secretary, receives a call informing her that Interpol is looking for you. To apprehend you, Hayley has to seduce you. They expose your most intimate secret: you cannot resist bondage. The alluring blonde accepts the offer and is confident in her success because she’s a real honey trap. When you get to the house, you find Haley tied up hand and foot, with a gag in her mouth and a vibrator in her panties. She begs you to free her, and when you do so, Haley admits she’s been needing a real cock all day. Are you ready to put your cock in her juicy and wet mouth? Watching her lips surrounding it and her throat swallowing it? Haley licks your nipples leaving her lipstick all over your body. Then she goes lower and rewards you with the sweetest rimming you ever had. Her tongue licks your hole so deftly that you get into her honey trap. She puts her titties in your mouth and then asks you to squeeze them hard. Haley finally sits on your hips and rides a front and reverse cowgirl. When you move to the bed, your naughty secretary keeps bouncing on your hard cock while you lie on your back. Smell her armpits, eat her pretty pussy. Getting her pussy banged, she cums again and again. Haley whispers naughty words to you and asks to fuck her wet pussy deep and slow. Do it in missionary and switch to the doggy style. It’s your turn to cum: make the best facial your secretary ever had! Oh, you don’t know yet that she has betrayed you…
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