Spy’s Girls


You’re a hacker, and you’re immersed in work. Suddenly, Inspector Hazel Moore bursts into your secret workshop and points a gun at you. “Hands up!” she commands. She seizes your laptop and throws a pair of handcuffs at you. Knowing you’re at her gunpoint, you obediently put them on, refraining from reaching for your gun. After you’ve been restrained, she presents two options: either join her or be disposed of. The decision is yours. If you agree to cooperate, you’ll have to provide her with the names of suppliers and buyers in your network. If not, you die. You remain silent, and Hazel decides to convince you: pleasure is better than torture. She releases one of the cuffs and compels you to do whatever she desires while teasing you. You are all hers now. Will you betray the information while she gives you the best blowjob ever? Let’s see how well you can follow orders. Hands apart! Keep looking at Hazel! You have to cooperate! And if you dare to disobey, this fiery woman will quickly eliminate you. She allows you to stroke her pussy and place your hands on her hips as she sits on your cock. Hazel wants to experience every inch of you inside her —don’t piss her off! You both lie down on the floor as she continues to please you. She caresses her amazing tits while you fuck her harder and harder. Hazel brings her pussy close to your face, allowing you to admire every detail of her smooth skin and wet little hole. But stay focused – use your tongue to satisfy her! She simply requires the passwords from your laptop; if you agree, seal the deal with a big load on her…
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