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You arrive to meet your business partner as you’ve been working on a big contract. However, you’re early, and he hasn’t returned home yet. His hot daughter, Alicia Williams, greets you and suggests waiting by the pool. Would you like something to drink, or maybe take a swim? She had just put on her swimsuit and was about to do that. Well, if you don’t feel like joining her, you can stay on the lounge chair and watch her undressing. Alicia shows off her perky titties and tiny body that makes you instantly hard. This young girl is attentive enough to notice that you are not indifferent to her, and so does she. Her dad should be home soon, but Alicia jumps onto your lap and starts stroking you and touching you. She insists you have more than enough time and promises to keep this little secret. A horny girl starts by kissing and teasing your cock and ends up with a deep and sweet blowjob that drives you insane. She sits on your cock shyly, puts it inside her tight little pussy, and slides on it slowly, facing both ways. Move into the house and keep fucking on the couch: put your big cock back into that wet pussy, while Alicia is lying facedown and craving it so badly. Then look how close she brings her pussy to your face – smell it and eat it out to make her moan. The naughty daughter of your business partner gets back to hard fucking, and asks you to end up with a cumshot on her face. Of course, you fulfill her request with pleasure. Oh no, her daddy’s back!
Angel of Mercy
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