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Come See Me In Virtual Reality


When you came home from college for Spring Break, you were hoping to have some fun with your friends, maybe even hit the beach. Mother Nature did not agree with those plans and gave your town the coldest spring on record. The bad weather has also ruined your stepsister Agatha’s break, keeping you both inside for the entire week. Just when you are certain that the whole break is going to be a bust and it’s time to think about watching some hot VR porn, Agatha Vega walks into your room wearing just a bra and panties. You are confused, but she tells you that has noticed you checking her out and she has the same feeling for you that you seem to have for her. Of course, you deny it. It would be wrong to think that way about your stepsister, but Agatha wants to try something. She is going to strip for you like a VR porn star from taboo movies and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to stay. If you do like it, and you want to stroke your cock, she won’t mind at all. Maybe then you can both decide if it’s worth the taboo of taking things further. It seems like a crazy idea, but when her clothes start coming off, you can’t help but stare. She may be your stepsister, but Agatha is hot and your cock jumps when you see her firm tits exposed. Your reaction catches her attention and she encourages you to go ahead and take your cock out to take care of it. She watches you stroke and sheds the rest of her clothes. You may be hesitant to take it further, but your dick knows what it wants and she wants that dick inside of her. By the time she cums on her fingers and you shoot your load on the floor, you both know what is going to happen next, and you can’t wait.
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