Costume Party


Clemence Audiard is an Erasmus student and she wants to have all the experiences she’s supposed to have there. That is why she is coming to you with a flyer in her hand. It’s the invitation for a party tonight… but it is a themed party: everyone should be dressed with something typical from their country. She shows you her “French” clothes and looking at her short skirt, her tiny and fit t-shirt… you start to feel horny. She realizes that you are hard, and she kneels and takes you trousers off. While she masturbates you, she takes your hands and put them on her boobs, so you can touch them. She gives you a deep blowjob right before riding you in cowgirl-style. She turns around so you can see her butt while you fuck her in reverse cowgirl. You keep fucking in different positions like missionary or doggy. Her constant moans turn you on even more and you cum over her body. She got the Erasmus experience she was looking for at the end!
Crowd Teaser
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