Sexual Reflexology


Veronica Leal is going to give you a massage with body oil! She puts some oil in her hands and starts the massage on your feet. He does it very well and you start to be relaxed. Or not so much, because the beautiful woman is going up with her hands. She continues the massage on your legs until she reaches your underwear. But she doesn’t stop there: she puts her hand under the underwear in order to touch your cock. He gives you a massage there, feeling that you are getting hard. That is the time when she takes off your underwear and kiss your balls and dick before she gives you a blowjob. After that, she is very horny and she wants to fuck you. She takes off her clothes and shows you her natural and big tits while she rubs against you. Then, she kisses your chest while she sticks your cock inside of her and she moves in cowgirl position. She turns around and, in doggy style, she let you to fuck her, grabbing her hips and neck. You will do other positions, like a 69 where she gives you a blowjob while you stick your finger in her pussy or missionary, until you cum over her body.
Umbrella of Love
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