Let’s Do a Break


Emily Pink is sitting in front of Nick Ross. They are speaking and studying and she starts to look at him with a naughty face. Then, she starts to caress him under the table with her leg. She keeps doing that, going up and up until she touches his cock with her foot. It seems that the study time is over. She kneels and takes off her t-shirt. She takes his hands and puts them on her boobs, telling him to caress them. Then, she gives him a blowjob, first masturbating him and then licking his dick and balls. Next thing they do is to fuck and they will do it in different positions: cowgirl, doggy, reverse cowgirl, missionary… She will speak in Spanish, which will turn him on, because she will say dirty things to him. They will keep having sex until she masturbates him so he will cum.
Lady Lyne’s Rub
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