Wedding Evening


As the bride, Agatha Vega is in front of you, wearing her wedding dress. She is dancing and having fun, and her smile is lightening the room. She moves the veil away to reveal her face and spins so you can see how good the dress fits on her. She puts a leg on the bed and caresses it in a sexy way… she wants to turn you on because she thinks that you are very sexy on a suit. She starts to caress your dick over your trousers. Then, she unbuttons your shirt. After, she takes off her dress. Now, it is the time of a blowjob. She introduces your big dick inside her mouthand licks it in the sexiest way. She puts on top of you, doing 69 position, and you touch her pussy while she keeps masturbating you. The foreplay is over: let’s fuck! You have sex with her in different positions like missionary, cowgirl or doggy, admiring her body and feeling her wet pussy against your dick while she gets more and more pleasure and so you do. Her moves, her moans and her way of touching you will make you cum on her.
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