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Family Psychologist Bella Rolland Part 2

Let’s start with one simple question – having such a stunning pair of boobies, would you rather go for a career in reverse cowgirl VR porn videos or psychology? Exactly, that’s what I thought. Needless to say, Bella Roland followed a similar thinking process. Her parents, though, forced her to go to the university, get a degree and… here are the results. It’s not that bad, though. Don’t you think? In the end, is there anyone out there who never dreamt about having a sloppy bj done by his psychologist? Being closed for one hour in one room tete-a-tete with hot female… If you truly believe that guys who attend psychotherapy sit there still talking about their problems, you are as far from the truth as one can be. Open your eyes and realise – threesome VR porn is the only way how psychotherapy should be handled.
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