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Family Reunion

Shay Sights is very excited. Her stepson is coming home from college for the first time. He left home shortly after she married his father and she wants to make a good impression. To start off, she is fixing his favorite breakfast and she hopes for some bonding time since her husband is away on business. She is also dressed in a way that is sure to get your attention. Shay has been lonely and has always had a crush on her husband’s handsome son. Shay’s daughter Alexis Wilson, a young and gorgeous VR porn model, shares those feelings though, and has her own plans to get you alone this weekend. Alexis has on a T-shirt with a very clear message that captures your attention right away. While Shay is still hard at work on breakfast, Alexis drops to her knees to suck your huge cock. You can’t believe your good fortune and agree to slip it into her even though they are just feet away from her mother’s watchful eye. In this taboo movie, you get caught and after being initially shocked, Shay decides that she isn’t going to miss on your good young dick just because Alexis got there first. If you like her inexperienced mouth, then you are going to love the things she can do to you. After helping guide your cock into Alexis’ tight pussy, Shay watches and waits her turn. When she bends over for you, she makes sure to arch her back and fuck you in a way that Alexis hasn’t learned yet. Shay doesn’t mind sharing once she feels your cock throb inside of her. She decides to teach Alexis some new tricks, including how to tit fuck properly. The poor teen just doesn’t have enough upstairs to get it done. Happy to gloat, she doesn’t realize that your cock is back in Alexis’ pussy and you aren’t pulling out as you shoot your load. That’s a trick she wasn’t planning on teaching you.
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