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Happy Birthday, Stepsis!


Amalia Davis VR is very excited about her eighteenth birthday. She has a big night out with her friends planned, but first, her family wants to celebrate. When she blows out the candles on her cake, she secretly wishes that her handsome stepbrother would realize she has a crush on him so they can act on her feelings. You give her your gift and she is stunned to see that it is a massive dildo. In this VR porn video, you explain that you want her to be able to practice at home so she can be popular with the boys at college. She starts to suck it, pulling out her big, perfect tits. The toy is fun, but she tells you that she needs to practice on the real thing. You agree right away and whip out your dick. It is not as big as the toy, but big enough for Amalia to fall instantly in lust. She puts it in her mouth and sucks until he is wet from tip to balls and ready to slide into her horny sweet twat. You turn her around and slide right in, slicking your shaft with her juices before giving her a big surprise. You pop it right into her ass, explaining that the guys in college will be impressed if she can take a dick in the butt. She handles it just fine, diddling herself until she cums. It is her turn to show you a trick as she wraps her tits around your dick and pumps it up and down. You love it but want to go back inside of her to finish off. It is risky, but worth it for such great
Your Sweet Sandra
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