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Lust In The Air


Ever since you started dating, Micky Muffin, your girlfriend has gotten really close to her new friend Liz Ocean. They hang out together and get along so well that they even do things without you. On Friday, they have a girls’ night out planned so you have your mind set on some takeout pizza, beer, and VR porn. On their way out, the girls stop to show you their outfits. Micky wonders if you might be jealous and asks if you would like them both to stay home. She whispers something in Liz’s ear and the girls smile at you. Micky tells you that they have a secret. Liz confessed that she has always had a crush on you. You try to play it off, but Micky says she knows you have a thing for her too. No, she isn’t jealous. She thinks it would be hot to see the two of you mess around. Liz isn’t quite ready for that but whispers in Micky’s ear again. They have an idea. Micky wants to see how hot you are for her best friend, but no touching this time. Instead, the girls will play while you stroke your dick. You agree and the girls can’t wait to get the show started. They pull down their dresses, lose their panties and quickly wiggle out of their outfits while you pump your cock. Liz fingers herself, confessing that she has always wondered how big you were. Micky loves watching her friend fuck herself into a VR porn taboo fantasy frenzy. Taking her turn, your girl starts to cum on her fingers just as you lose control and spray a big load for the both of them. The night is still you and these two hotties don’t want to go out anymore. What could be next?
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