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I Wish For You


You have been studying with your neighbor, Bella Grey, all semester. The class is a challenge and working together you have both managed to succeed. You have been working so hard that you haven’t noticed the subtle hints she has been giving you for weeks. She has been your neighbor for so many years that you haven’t really thought of her that way. In fact, you barely noticed that she is all grown up. Tired of giving you hints that you just don’t get, she decides to do something you can’t possibly miss. In this VR porn episode, she dresses up in fishnets, tiny shorts, and a cropped T-shirt with the simple message “Yes, I Want Sex” across her perky tits. You get the message right away and can’t believe your luck. Of course, you want her back. Now that she has your attention, she has something else to tell you. Since you made her wait so long to notice her, she is going to make you wait a bit longer to actually have her. Today you get to watch and if you are very good, you get to play with yourself while Bella shows you what you have been missing all this time. She starts by bending over and then spreading her legs wide enough for her tiny shorts to nearly slide up inside of her. She acts like a professional VR porn model. If you want more, you are going to have to take out your cock and stroke it. Her top comes off and her shorts follow as you begin to pump as instructed. Watching you is making her horny and her fingers start to tease her clit. Her pussy is wet and she is waiting to see you shoot for her. Next time you get more, but today you get off just watching this cute girl go from shy to slutty overnight.
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