All Ladies Do It


After a wonderful first date with Lady Lyne VR, she invites you back to her place. Things have gone so well that you are feeling quite hopeful that she has something sexy on her mind. When you get to her place she tells you that she has some good, some bad news, and more good news. The first bit of good news is that she likes you very much and wants to move forward physically. The bad news is that she does not fuck on a first date. The final bit of good news is that she loves to masturbate with partners and is more than happy to do that with you if you are game. In this VR porn episode, she leaves you to think about it and comes back in a lovely pink lingerie set. It certainly seems like a good idea to you and she is happy you agree. Lyne shows you her body, bending over to accentuate her big round backside. She can see from the bulge in your pants that you like what you see. You might as well take out your cock and show her what you have as well. She likes what she sees and tells you that she looks forward to learning how your dick feels inside of her. Her big tits look so inviting as she pushes them together and tells you that wants you to fuck them soon. You are both off to a good start, but she has more to show you. Keep stroking while the panties come off for a naked view of her big ass and tight wet pussy. Her fingers slip and she looks you right in the eye and begs you to cum along with her. If the first date non-sex is this good, imagine how hot the second date is going to be.
Shower Me With Love
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