Melody Of Moans


Molly Devon, the young and talented babe, always wanted to play piano. Her stepdad hired a piano teacher to teach her the finer things about music. She only had a few lessons and is embarrassed when you tell her that you want to hear her play. As she plays, Molly can feel your eyes on her, taking in every inch of her body. You do not know that Molly has been hiding a huge secret. She is in love with you since you married her mom. When you get a look at her perky breasts and hear her profess her desire to make love to you, you can’t hide the growing excitement in your pants. Molly was thrilled to see how hard your cock was and couldn’t wait to feel it inside of her. She was no virgin, but she had never seen one so big and never wanted to fuck as badly as she did at this moment. You were happy to see her on her knees ready to suck your fat meat. She still needs a few lessons, but picks up on your instructions quickly, giving you an enthusiastic head until you are ready to take her other hole. Molly bends over on the piano bench and takes you from behind. It is just like she saw in her favorite VR porn movies. You give her all the lessons you never dreamed you could, pumping her full of your throbbing prick until you are ready to explode. Proving she knows a few tricks of her own, she sucks your juices from you and then rides your pole until you can’t hold out another moment. She smiles up at you as she cums all over her face, knowing she has pleased you and hoping to repeat this VR porn taboo lesson in the future.
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