Natalie Brooks in “My Wife’s Hot Friend”


I asked Natalie Brooks to stop by and discuss a surprise birthday party for my wife but what I really want to meet about is something more serious. I found out my wife was cheating on me with Natalie’s husband. I showed her pictures as proof so Natalie insisted we take naughty photos ourselves and send them to our spouses. Now everybody’s cheating!When I found out my wife was cheating on me with her friend’s husband, I knew I had to tell my wife’s friend Natalie Brooks. I came up with the lie of throwing a surprise birthday party for my cheating wife and let Natalie in to help with the party. She stopped by so we could have our first discussion on it when I dropped the bomb of our spouses cheating on us. Natalie was furious and just wanted revenge sex with me. But to top it off, she insisted we take pictures and send them to my wife and her husband. Best of all, after I came all over Natalie’s face, she wanted to wait until my wife got home to greet her and give her a big fat kiss with cum still on her!
The Missing Kitten
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