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Riley Reign in “Naughty Office”


Riley Reign from human resources received a complaint from fellow employee Jessica that Dan rubbed his junk against her arm when he walked by her in the breakroom. Riley goes to confront Dan about the situation. He claims he has a big dick and was just walking by and it accidentally brushed against her arm in the tight confines of the breakroom. Riley doesn’t buy it. She says everyone says they have a big dick so she asks Dan to prove it. He whips out his big cock and Riley is shocked and amazed. She quickly forgets about the incident and helps herself to Dan’s thick sausage.Riley Reign in human resources wants to talk to you about an incident in the breakroom. You know exactly what the issue is but it’s a misunderstanding and definitely not intentional. What happened was, you were walking by another employee in the tight confines of the breakroom and your dick rubbed past another employee’s shoulder. Well that employee complained and now you must prove to HR that you in fact do have a big dick. Upon whipping it out and showing Riley, she can’t help but have some fun with your cock before getting back to work!
Crystal Clark, London Laurent in “The Office”
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