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Rough Anal Reward


Clemence Audiard, the stunning VR pornstar, loves her boyfriend a lot. When they are together, everything is wonderful including their sex life. The trouble is that he works long hours at the firm. She appreciates his effort because he makes good money and will soon have a big promotion. That doesn’t help her when he is away for long periods of time for work trips. While he is away, she decides that she can no longer tolerate the loneliness and tries a dating app. Promising herself she won’t do anything sexual, she agrees to a date just for the company. In this dark VR porn episode, her boyfriend surprises her by returning home early and finds her all dressed up with flowers. She tries to explain herself but is so angry he is ready to walk out. Clemence begs him to stay because she still loves him and will do anything to make it up to him. He believes her, but she still needs to be punished. He has her strip and takes out his hard cock. She knows exactly what to do when she gets her eyes on his throbbing boner. This is the only apology he wants from her. If she going to act like a cheating slut, he is going to fuck her like one. After warming up in her pussy, he slides between her cheeks and fucks her ass hard. He has never been in that hole and never been so forceful before. She has missed him so much that she doesn’t care. She loves every stroke, wherever he puts it. He pounds away until he just can’t take any more before flooding her pussy with a huge load. She isn’t lonely any longer, but now never wants him to leave again.
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