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The Compensation


Matty, a young and beautiful VR movies model, has been looking forward to her vacation. After two years of hard work without a break, she finally decided to spoil herself. She has rented a fantastic place near the beach for a week of sun, sand, and relaxation. Imagine her disappointment when she arrives to find that the accommodations are far from dreamy. All she gets is a mattress on the floor in someone’s house. She wants to leave, but everything is booked up. In this dark VR porn episode, she decides to complain to the owner. He turns out to be a very handsome man who listens to her complaints and offers to make it right with some special compensation. Before she can ask what it is, he whips out his big cock and shakes it in her face. It has been a long time since Matty has been with a man and his powerful presence has her more than willing to accept his generous offer of a fuck and a bed to sleep in afterwards. Her mouth gets him wet, but her pussy is dripping on the first stroke from his long pole. She cums hard and eats her juices from his dick before getting on top to ride him. No one has ever filled her tight little hole like this. To repay him she wants to let him do something she has never let anyone do to her. She wants his load in her mouth. He is happy to accept, shooting a huge load on her tongue and ordering her to swallow before he takes her into the bedroom for the rest of the night. She wasn’t planning on having sex on this trip, but being banged by the handsome stranger was already making this the best vacation ever.
Daddy’s Good Girl
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