After Class


On their own for the first time at college, life-long besties Sandralyd and Ara Mix find themselves in deep trouble. After living sheltered lives, they have no one to watch over them and have spent most of their first semester doing nothing but partying, drinking, watching dark VR movies, and meeting boys. This has led to some disastrous academic results. They called in to meet with their professor to discuss their shared failure. Neither of them wants to get kicked out of school and is eager to hear his plan when he tells them that there is only one way for them to avoid expulsion. In this VR porn episode, he wants them both to take off their panties and sit in his lap. It seems a bit improper, but if fucking a handsome older man will keep them in school, they are more than happy to be his playthings. The girls have seen plenty of cocks since hitting campus, but have never shared one. That doesn’t stop them from diving into a double blowjob with complete enthusiasm. He bends them over his chair and makes them lift their skirts while he takes turns on them from behind. When he pulls out of one girl, he has the other suck him clean. This is doing more than saving their academic careers, it is taking their friendship to a new level and both girls love it. It becomes a contest to see who can take the hardest strokes. The professor is happy to supply them with a big hard dick for their new games. But they both want his load so he decides not to cum in either of them, but instead sprays a healthy dose of hot cream on both pretty faces. They are going to have to come to see him many more times to pass his class, but neither of them minds at all.
Caught By Stepsis
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