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Education Method


Always a good student, Rika Fane is shocked when things at her new college are going so poorly. Her stern professor Anita Rover is very disappointed and marches the struggling student to the Dean’s office for what Rika thinks is a progress report. What she doesn’t know is that Anita brings a special student to the Dean every semester for special attention and a bit of old-fashioned discipline. He explains that if she wants to remain in school, she will have to do whatever they say. Her heart races at the thought of what they might demand but knows she cannot get kicked out of college. In this dark VR porn episode, Rika agrees to their terms and lets her beautiful professor strip her while the Dean leers at her lean body. She is embarrassed, but the look of desire in his eyes is turning her on. Rika has never been with another woman and is shocked when Anita offers her a naked breast. The Dean likes what he sees and has Rika on her knees. Anita offers a helping hand and some tips on how to suck his cock exactly the way he likes it. Getting her grades up will take more than just a blowjob, however. She gets on top of him and rides like a professional VR porn star, with her sexy professor guiding and encouraging her every stroke of the way. This is the best fuck of her life and every time Anita touches her body, Rika feels like she might cum again. She also finds it wildly erotic watching him fuck her horny teacher inches from her face. When he pulls out and shoots his load all over Rika’s pretty face, she knows she is going to do just fine this semester. With some help from weekly tutoring sessions that is.
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