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Lily Blossom Charm


On a warm lovely morning, Lily Blossom, a young and beautiful VR porn model, wakes up to find that she is alone in the house. Her parents have gone out for a bike ride and her stepbrother is at the gym. This is her favorite kind of morning because she is now free to do what she wants. What she usually wants to do is touch herself and make her pretty pussy cream. As usual, she gets dressed in sexy lingerie and is staring at herself in the mirror when she hears a noise. Her stepfather did not leave the house after all. You are standing in her door holding your morning coffee and staring at her exposed ass with a lustful look in your eyes. Rather than be embarrassed she feels confident and sexy. After all, if her mother’s handsome husband gives her a look like that, she must be pretty hot. Why let your presence keep her from the VR porn fun she was about to have? If you want to stay and watch, all the better. She can feel her body responding to your eyes on her. Her nipples are hard and her pussy is already wet. As she playfully strips, she watches you rubbing your cock through your pants and smiles when she sees how hard he is. Having an audience is a new experience and the taboo factor is driving her crazy. She can hardly wait to sink her probing fingers between her legs and into her sweet pussy. As she does, you are busy stroking faster and harder. It is such a turn-on knowing how much trouble you would be in if her mother were to walk in. She no longer cares and it doesn’t look like you are worried as you explode in your hand while she cums on her pumping fingers.
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