Lucid Dreams


You are laying down on the sofa scrolling your phone. You start to feel sleepy and you fall asleep, but maybe your dreams are better than reality. Suddenly, you are on bed and Kama Oxi is touching your leg dressed with a white and sexy lingerie. She caresses your chest, your body, your dick… Kama Oxi takes off her bra, sensually, and start to touch her boobs while she looks at you. She rubs her body against yours, she turns around and caress her butt looking at your eye… She sees that you are ready so she gives you a blowjob. Then, it’s the time of fucking: she rides you in cowgirl, moaning because your dick is making her feel a huge pleasure. You give her a cunnilingus too, watching her amazing pussy while you taste it. Then, she fucks you in reverse cowgirl too and you fuck her in missionary. At the end, she masturbates you until you cum over her body. It was a nice dream, right?
Bunking Buddies
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