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My First Interview


Ohana Petite has one last assignment for her journalism class. She has to interview a local with an interesting story. Wanting to be edgy, she chooses a man who lives near campus with a blog dedicated to the dark VR BDSM lifestyle. Arriving at his home on the appointed day, Ohana is ready to ask provocative questions she hopes will help her get an A in her class. Dressing up in a short red dress, she hopes to catch his attention and throw him off a little to make the interview more interesting. Her plan backfires when the handsome stranger stares at her, looking her up and down and making her feel immediately drawn to his charisma. They start the interview and he shocks her with his direct answers. In this VR porn episode, Ohana has brought some BDSM toys and teases him about a demonstration. He does not hesitate to put a collar around her neck and a ball gag in her mouth. Though she had never considered herself submissive, she finds a wave of pleasure wash over her as he guides her to knees, takes out his cock, and removes her gag. It is big, throbbing hard. All she can think about is how best to please him. As he tugs lightly on her leash, he thrusts his huge dick into her, deeper than any boyfriend has ever been. It feels so good that she begs him to spank her while she rides him. Her cute cheeks turn pink under his firm swats and her tight pussy gushes all over his long rod. She does not want him to stop, but he has a special finish for her. Unloading his balls all over her tongue and face he reminds her that she now belongs to him and is to report back to him weekly for more training.
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