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Relax Time


When your girlfriend Rika Fane asked to borrow your credit card to do some shopping, you knew it would be something special. She loves to pick out sexy clothes and then model them for you. This time was an even bigger treat. When you got home expecting to see her model something sexy, you found that she had her friend Anita Rover with her. They both look amazing and you try not to stare. It’s OK to look. She has invited Anita to make sure you are properly rewarded for your generosity. It is a VR porn fantasy come true and they smile seeing how excited you are. You have never seen Rika with another woman and watching her touch her friend’s naked skin makes your cock jump. They love seeing you get turned on and encourage you to take it out and play for them. No need to ask you twice. Your cock is already throbbing and dying to be stroked. That is all they need to see and start to turn up the heat. They stand side by side and pull their tops down. Their perky tits sport hard nipples just begging to be sucked. Want to see more? You are going to have to show them that you are going to keep pumping for them. Rika has never seen your cock so swollen and touches her pussy while her best friend watches you both. It is getting too intense to hold back and that is just how they both want it. They want to see you shoot a big load at them. If you do, they promise to for you. Another offer you can’t refuse and another promise your sexy girlfriend is happy to keep.
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