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Both Scarlett Jones and Karina King are up for a job as lingerie models. Work has been difficult to find so they both really need this job. When they are called in for the final auditions, they are both desperate to win over the casting director. You have them pose together in sexy outfits and heels. They can see that you like what see in both of them and since they both need work, the best friends come up with a plan. In this VR porn video, they ask if they can both pose for the shoot. It is really only a one-person job, but the horny VR models ask you a very good question. “Aren’t two better than one?” That is tough logic to argue with and you watch as they get more daring in their poses. You do like them both and they know they have you where they want you when your pants grow tight in the front. They have your attention and show you just how far they are willing to go to land the job. Losing their tops, the friends give you a great look at their tits. This is as far as things can go until you agree to hire them both. If you do, then the girls promise to keep going and encourage yoou to jerk your cock while they play. It no longer even matters if you need two models or not. There is no way you are going to miss out on this. Your cock comes out as you watch them spread their pussies and rub their clits. As they cum on their fingers, you shoot your load and tell them that they both got the job.
Becoming Italian
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