VRP House Big Brother

The summer starts with a swimming pool party! Tommy Cabrio (POV), Jimmy Bud, Ada Lapiedra, Mini Vamp and Stacy Crystal are having fun: they are swimming, laughing, playing with a ball, having a drink… A voice summons them and everyone gathers around a roulette for a new edition of VRP Big Brother. The game is going to start: one after one, they spin the roulette and at the end, they have to do what it says. Here it comes: girls’ striptease, oral for all, pool sex, orgy and the last one… a toast! They go for it. As the roulette said, the girls start by doing a striptease for the boys. While they dance and touch each other, you masturbate looking at them. Then, it’s time of the oral: the girls kneel and give you and Jimmy a blowjob, and then you eat the pussy of one of them. Pool sex, is next: you have an orgy next to the pool and you fuck all together, in different positions, until all of you come.
No Toys When Dad’s Around
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